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Strength Training and Powerlifting Gear

Inner Strength is a Canada-based supplier of essential powerlifting gear for both current and aspiring powerlifters. We provide our customers with items made by companies such as Sabo Shoes, Inzer Advance Designs, Wahlanders, and more. We are also the largest online supplier of SBD Apparel in Canada!

Since we are actively engaged in the world of competitive powerlifting, we know exactly what kind of powerlifting gear you need to perform properly. We have every piece of strength training gear you could need, ranging from IPF-approved singlets to assistive gear such as knee sleeves and wrist wraps—just to name a few.

If you need any assistance or have any questions, feel free to contact us.


  • Tips for Powering Through Fatigue

    Tips for Powering Through Fatigue

    by Stef Kean Having a baby changed everything. Her routines became my routines, which so far are erratic, amusing and sleepless (but oh so amazing!).  Operating on no sleep is hard, training on no sleep is hard; for me it would...

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  • Are You Ready For Your First Meet?

    Are You Ready For Your First Meet?

    by Ryan Stinn   I get the question "when will I be ready for my first powerlifting meet?" all the time. Everyone is nervous to do their first meet and put themselves out in front of other people in the...

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