29 products

    29 products

    A business started by an Olympic Team Captain and a Technical Apparel Designer, their roots are planted in the proving grounds of athletic performance and technical know-how.

    They are the brand that makes all things possible through sport. Named for TYR the Norse god of valor and sacrifice, they are a company built on commitment and discipline.

    TYR produce a line of high quality weightlifting shoes, crossfit shoes, and training shoes. Often called lifters shoes or trainer shoes. Worn by almost everyone competing at the crossfit games. They are the shoe of choice for many weightlifting athletes and crossfit athletes.

    TYR L-1 Lifters and TYR CXT-1 Trainers are part of their excellent line up of training and lifting shoes.

    We are also carrying TYR workout clothing, including TYR shorts, TYR shirts, TYR tank tops, and more.