Lifting Shoes

76 products

    76 products

    We have an extensive selection of some of the best powerlifting shoes on the market. The majority of our shoes for strength training are extremely lightweight which makes them convenient to travel with and pack in a gym bag.

    We carry a full range of TYR Squat Shoes, TYR L1 Lifters, TYR CXT 1 Trainers. As well we have our Notorious Lift Deadlift Slippers designed for conventional deadlift as well as sumo deadlift. Plus we have recently brought in our own line of Inner Strength Squat Shoe and Deadlift Shoe.

    These shoes all feature great grip on their soles to keep you firmly in place as you lift and squat. We offer both flat and heeled strength training shoes to provide options for all lifter’s needs. Many also feature a metatarsal strap that helps to lock your foot securely in place stopping any foot movement inside the shoe. Our high quality weight lifting shoes are a great addition to your gym bag.

    Browse our selection of powerlifting shoe, weightlifting shoe, deadlift shoe, and lifters!