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33 products

    33 products

    About Inner Strength Apparel

    At Inner Strength Products, we provide consumers with the best gear and apparel designed for powerlifting from the most trusted IPF-approved companies in business today. These products are extremely high quality—in the same way, we also pride ourselves on producing similarly high-quality Inner Strength apparel and accessories.

    Our selection of apparel contains women’s and men’s classic tees, hoodies, and joggers with unique designs that pay homage to our home country and to the big three: squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. Among our Inner Strength accessories, you can find stickers to adorn your car, shaker cups for your protein shakes, and branded backpacks perfect for those on the go.

    Browse our collection of Inner Strength apparel and accessories and show your love and support for your fellow powerlifters today.