The Perfect Gift for the Lifter

by keelan tatarliov

With the holiday season upon us, it can be hard to know what to get for your strength training friend or family member, especially if you don’t come from a strength training background yourself.


You may ask,

What could I get them that they already don’t have?

How do I even know what they specifically need without asking them?

I’m not familiar with their strength training, where do I even start?


Rest assured, I get it. It can be hard to decide what someone needs in general, especially for the holidays. Add to the mix, someone that is passionate about strength training and you may feel a bit overwhelmed.

To put you at ease, I have created a list of equipment you could surprise that special lifter in your life with. Everything on the list below is basic supportive equipment that he or she may need. With each item on the list I go into brief detail of what the item is and what it is used for.

Happy Holidays and best of luck finding that perfect gift!


Baltic Jack:

Available in both a mini and regular size, the baltic jack helps with loading and unloading the bar during deadlift training. The mini is very portable and can easily fit in a gym bag. The regular baltic jack can be stowed away in a corner of even the smallest home gym. A great accessory for any lifter to have.


Ammonia Smelling Salts:

Smelling salts are basically an ammonia solution sometimes mixed with water (to aid in the activation of the solution). Generally, athletes use smelling salts to give them that extra kick of adrenaline during a lift, most often a personal best. A great brand to start out with is Zone. Loved by lifters and available in stronger solutions as well.


SBD Apparel Medium Flexible Wrist Wraps:

A great accessory during bench and overhead training days. The SBD medium flexible wrist wraps are many lifters favourite option. Durable and flexible, these wraps secure your wrist in position while allowing slight wrist flexion for more dynamic movements. IPF approved and available in SBD limited edition colours.


Shaker cup:

A staple for any athlete. Shaker cups are used for pre, intra, and post training drinks such as; pre workout, BCAA’s, and a post protein shake after training. Always a great stocking stuffer for the athlete on your list.


Glute bands:

Glute bands allow resistance while warming up to train. Each pack consists of light, medium, and heavy bands. The bands are also grippy inside ensuring that they stay in place during movement. Comes in a pouch and can easily be thrown into a gym bag.



Another great accessory. Bands, in general, can be used to improve power, strength, speed and mobility within strength training. Primarily used while warming up or placed around gym equipment while resistance training. Sold in singles or in packs.


Beanie aka Toque:

Super warm and a nice accessory for the SBD fanatic. The SBD beanie is available in limited edition colours. One size fits most.


Gym chalk:

Essential for training days and a must have for lifters. Whether they use it as a grip aid during deadlift training, or to prevent the bar from sliding down their shoulders during squatting, chalk overall, helps grip athletes to an implement during training. Available also in liquid chalk.


Lifting straps:

Used during deadlifting, rows, and the olympic lifts; lifting straps are made out of a high quality leather or interwoven material. These straps (similar to chalk), help the athlete grip the bar during the execution of the lift. Primarily used to prevent the bar from slipping out of ones grip. Another accessory used and loved by all. 


Inner Strength Gift Card:

If you’re still unsure what your friend of family member would like, the safest bet is to go with an Inner Strength gift card. That way you know the lifter on the your list will purchase the item he or she needs for their next training day.