Inzer Iron Z Knee Wraps


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Description:  The most powerful, most popular, most effective knee wrap in the world! We only stock the 2.0m version of this wrap.

  • Super tight, extreme rubber strand design for the ultimate rebound
  • Designed to grip the skin which eliminates the need for chalking the knees to keep them in place. And doesn't slip around on itself as is known of other wraps
  • Gets tighter, easier, during the movement even when not wrapped to total tightness
  • Far ahead of anything else
  • When wrapped to total tightness, generates the most energy and power of any wrap in the world
  • Smoke all your lifts with the IronWraps Z!
  • Package includes one pair (2 IronWrapsZ)

Inzer Advance Designs Iron Wraps Z. When Iron Wraps Z hit the market they were immediately recognized by serious powerlifters all over the world as the ultimate in performance and protection. Soon the Inzer Iron Wraps Z, with their distinctive red stripes on black background, were seen on every lifting platform around the world. Iron Wraps Z became the undisputed #1 choice of powerlifters worldwide. Due to the strict controls and testing of the Iron Wraps Z material, some material is rejected from time to time if it does not meet Inzer quality standards for performance. Because of the unchallenged popularity of the Inzer Iron Wraps Z, a couple competitor companies opted to obtain the reject material from a mill and try to market it as if it was the same quality as the true wrap. One competitor did at least change the name but proclaims their wraps, made of the rejected yardage, to be of equal quality. The fact is there is only one TRUE Iron Wraps Z and it is made by Inzer Advance Designs. 

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hilda l.

Cool stuff

Very new to knee wraps so I cannot offer much of an in-depth comment, but the support on my knees I get with these are great offer a good amount of "pop" out of the hole. Pretty solid product overall.

David I.

They do what they're meant to

If you first wear them be careful, they make walk out very difficult and you must take them off after every set. However it's a great product.


Awesome but not for Olympic

The wraps are strong well made and do their job well enough. But way to stiff and as a result move around when doing multiple reps. Being new to wraps I did not know this. Good for PR but not for clean and ****.


Love them

These are really good wraps in my opinion. They're good for training and in competition, they gave me 25 lbs on my squat. I would recommend these knee wraps for competition or maxing out in the gym.


A great beginner wrap

I prefer a much stiffer wrap, but I love these for the first week or two when I'm adjusting back to wraps and don't want extreme amounts of pain. A solid wrap for banging out wraps.