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Zone Smelling Salts

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Shipping Information

Single bottle. 

Zone is a smelling salt used in a multitude of sports. Different than other smelling salts and ammonias, it ships as a dry product and then you add 15ml (1 tbsp) of water to the product to activate it. 

Highlights of Zone

1. Longer life than the competitors.

2. Easier to ship as it is not a liquid, so no exploding or leaking during shipping.

3. Not an active ammonia until a small amount of water is added.  Literally a water bottle cap full (15 ml/1 tbsp).

4. Reusable time after time.

To Activate: 

  • add a tablespoon of water (15ml).
  • secure lid and shake well.
  • let sit for 1 minute.
  • always keep lid on tightly.
  • keep cotton ball in the bottle.

- Keep away from children.
- Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.
- Keep bottle 6 inches from nose.
- Do not use if allergic or pregnant.