New Age 6DS HIIT Low Profile Mouthpiece

New Age 6DS HIIT Low Profile Mouthpiece

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  • Thinner Design: Experience cutting-edge mouthpiece technology with the New Age Performance 6DS Low Pro Mouthpiece and its new, improved, and thinner design. Dubbed the Air + Force model, it instantly stabilizes six dimensions of your jaw, promoting unparalleled comfort and effectiveness during high-intensity interval training (HIIT), cross fitness, and endurance sports. Designed for faster recovery, it ensures peak performance in activities like cardiovascular resistance training and recovery. 
  • Scientifically Validated Performance: Backed by University research, our patented dimensional stabilizer technology aligns and stabilizes your jaw, providing enhanced body performance benefits. Supported by studies, our mouthpiece aids muscle activation, improves grip strength, and enhances overall strength and performance. Join champions like Nick Best and Tom Stoltman in experiencing the immediate impact on teeth protection and performance improvement.
  • Stabilizes All Six Jaw Dimensions: Our patented mouthpiece design goes beyond traditional mouth guards by instantly stabilizing all six dimensional planes of your jaw: Anterior, Posterior, Protrusive, Pitch, Yaw, Roll, and Lateral. This proper jaw position extends the benefits to your entire body, providing comprehensive alignment for enhanced stability, an immediate increase in strength, and an improved air way for breathing.
  • Teeth Grinding And Cracking Protection: For heavy lifters who understand the risks of teeth grinding during intense lifts, the 6DS Mouthpiece provides a protective solution. Safely clench down during heavy deadlifts, bench presses, or squats while breathing easily and avoiding the potential for painful cracked teeth.
  • Personalized Comfort: With a quick and simple boil-and-bite molding process, the 6DS Low Profile Mouthpiece offers a personalized fit for every user. Conforming to the exact shape of your teeth, it ensures a comfortable and secure fit, minimizing unnecessary movement during lifts. Please ensure to carefully follow the provided instructions to secure a perfect fit.


✅New improved thinner design
✅ Instantly stabilizes 6 dimensions of your jaw, including Anterior, Posterior, Protrusive, Pitch, Yaw, Roll, and Lateral.
✅ Faster recovery
✅ Enhances performance in HIIT and endurance sports and fitness.
✅ Placed on the lower jaw, ideal for activities like CrossFit, High and Low cardiovascular resistance training & recovery
✅ Lateral stabilizers are designed to minimize performance decline by stabilizing the side-to-side movement of your jaw, ensuring enhanced stability, performance, and recovery.
✅Improves airflow for peak performance
✅ Easy communication and hydration while wearing.
✅ Provides instant results, boosting your overall performance.
✅ Compatible with retainers (not for use with braces).
✅ Suitable for ages 13+.
✅ One size fits all.
✅ Comes with a free mouthpiece carrying case.

🕒 Please allow 5-7 days of consistent use for full jaw adaptation.


Not eligible for return/exchange

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