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MET-XT Competition Plate Sets

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Shipping Information

The MET-XT Calibrated Steel Powerlifting Plates are a testimony to tradition. Cast from carbon steel and calibrated to within 10grams, these plates are designed to be lifted in large amounts.

Plate sets are based on number of red plates. The base 157.5kg set contains:

1 pair 25kg Red Plate
1 pair 20kg Blue Plate
1 pair 15kg Yellow Plate
1 pair 10kg Green Plate
1 pair 5kg White Plate
1 pair 2.5kg Black Plate
1 pair 1.25kg Silver Plate

For every larger set one additional pair of 25kg Red Plates are added.

Plates can be purchased in pairs on this page.


  • Plates are cast from recycled carbon steel
  • Automotive paint is used to protect from rust and scratching.
  • Logo and numbers are raised
  • Conforms to all required IPF standards
  • Machine calibrated to within +/- 10 grams
  • Sold in pairs
 Weight Colour Diameter Width Material
0.25kg Silver 111mm(4.4") 5mm(0.2") Cast Iron
0.5kg Silver 135mm(5.4") 5mm(0.2") Cast Iron
1.25kg Silver 150mm(6.0") 10mm(0.4") Cast Iron
2.5kg Black 190mm(7.5") 16mm(0.6") Cast Iron
5kg White 230mm(9.0") 21mm(0.8") Cast Iron
10kg Green 325mm(12.8") 21mm(0.8") Cast Iron
15kg Yellow 400mm(15.8") 21mm(0.8") Cast Iron
20kg Blue 450mm(17.7") 21mm(0.8") Cast Iron
25kg Red 450mm(17.7") 28mm(1.1") Cast Iron