MET-XT Granite Powerlifting Combo Rack

MET-XT Granite Powerlifting Combo Rack

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The MET-XT Granite Powerlifting Combo Rack is, much like its namesake, made to last.

Designed with stability and strength in mind, the MET-XT Combo Rack is a heavy duty, high quality piece of equipment. Meeting all IPF specifications you can ensure that you can train like you compete.
Easily adjustable height with lifter arms (that have a grippy handle on the end) ensure you can easily find your perfect squat or bench height in 1" increments.
Quickly change from squat to bench with an easy lift out bench. The bench sits level when removed allowing it to be used with movements outside of the rack as well.
With oversized 24" long safety arms, topped with rubber matting to protect your bar, you can be sure you can train safely even alone. Safety arms wrap around and secure behind the upright to ensure no bar can slip between them. They also tilt in easily with the racks in position, no more jammed safeties.


  • Conforms to all required IPF standards 
  • Fully Adjustable Spotter Arms, Bench Press and Squat Rack J-Hook Heights (25mm/1" spacing)
  • Removable Bench for easy transition between Bench and Squat
  • Powder Coated Finish with metal silver colour scheme
  • High grade Steel Construction to ensure this rack can handle any weight throw n it.
  • 75mm x 75mm (3" x 3") 11g Gauge Steel construction for added stability
  • 620mm (24") safety spotter arm length intended for use with both Bench and Squat
  • Rack base of support extended under the safety spotter arm to reduce risk of rack tipping when using the safety spotter arm
  • Spotter Arm Height Range: 555mm - 800mm(21.9" - 31.4"), 11 positions, 25mm/1" spacing
  • Squat Height Range: 1060mm - 1735mm(41.7" - 68.3"), 28 positions, 25mm/1" spacing
  • Bench Press Range: 765mm - 1440mm(30.1" - 56.7"), 28 positions, 25mm/1" spacing
  • Footprint with bench inserted 1.92m x 1.73m (76.2" x 68.9")
  • Product number: RR-PCTR-A1


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