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Inzer Singlet

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Description:  Classic design lifting singlet sports several finishing touches that make this singlet a pleasure to wear as minimum required attire over your bench shirt or for workouts.  

  • The fabric of this lifting singlet has a very supple hand to it. A pleasure to feel on your skin.
  • Classic design that will always be in style.
  • Quality materials and construction provides long lasting wear for years to come.
  • The most durable fabric for a non-supportive lifting singlet.
  • Comfortable and form fitting.

Suggested sizing.  (Many people prefer to wear a size larger then suggested):

114-145 LBS.   –  SMALL 
145-165 LBS.   –  MEDIUM 
165-195 LBS.   –  LARGE 
195-230 LBS.   –  XL
230-270 LBS.   –  XXL
270-305 LBS.   –  XXXL
305-340 LBS.   –  XXXXL
340+                –  XXXXXL

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