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SquatMax - Stand Alone with Built-in Seat

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We are currently out of stock of SquatMax. At this point in time, we do not know if or when we will be restocking this product due to supply issues.  You can sign up to be notified above if we ever do restock this product.  

Unlike current hip belt machines, our version does not use a pulley system or a fixed leverage arm. This is a pure free weight movement that utilizes novel loading pin on guide rod technology. Consequently, there isn't a neuromuscular disconnect between you and the load tension.

Because it is a free weight squat, the lifter is able to sit back into their natural range of motion to really work the hips, glutes, and hamstrings.  A built-in adjustable box also allows the lifter to perform box squats without the balance and quad dominant issues that are common flaws when performing this exercise with fixed arm versions of the belt squat.

From a pure safety perspective, because the weight load is perfectly centered below the lifter, it reduces the potential shearing impact on the low back that comes with other hip belt squats that are on the market. In fact, because the weight is perfectly centered when using with band resistance, there is a traction effect as the lower vertebrae are pulled apart (decompressed) and there is a dynamic stretch of the hip flexors. Hence, the MD- Mobility and Decompression!

Squatmax-MD is ideal for all athletes, and not just those with low back or shoulder impingement issues! For busy high school gyms where space, experience and adult supervision are at a minimum, this is a real alternative to barbell squats. With its unique design, no spotter is needed. It allows you to load the weight, hook and go!

You don't know Squat until you know Squatmax-MD!


The Squatmax Stand alone unit includes:

  • A built-in seat for box squats that is fully adjustable from 12-20”. Seat can be moved to 2 places on the platform. Optional Barbell brackets will allow Squatmax to transform into an elevated chest supported row solution.
  • A 7” narrow stance “flip up” riser allows the lifter to work above the main platform and to be able to use a more narrow stance while using up to 4 or 5 larger diameter plates below their feet. And add an additional 25 or 35 lb small diameter plates (14” or less). Allows for 15” squat width.
  • A narrow stance overlay that can be used directly on the main platform or with the riser. Great for belt squat marches, super narrow squats and numerous single leg split/stance movements. Allows for a 6” squat width.
  • An adjustable and padded hip belt with three carabiners.
  • Built in band pegs to allow direct band resistance
  • Loading pin "nylon limit strap" to prevent the free weight loading pin from coming off guide rod.
  • Nylon band "wrap around strap".


The dimensions of the main platform are 45 x 30” and 20” in height and it weighs about 125 lbs. The legs are angled so total footprint is 45x39”. So it can be easily moved around your gym to be combined with a squat rack or even taken on vacation! The entire unit (with seat, riser, and all add ons is ~200 lbs. It can be assembled in about 10 mins. Loading pin holds between 500 to 600 lbs+ of plate weight depending on your set up. Plus you can easilty add another 500 lbs of band resistance.