Highlights of My Successes and Failures

by Rhaea Stinn

by Maria Htee

Valuable lessons from Failing!

Many of you who have been following my powerlifting journey know what happened at IPF Worlds 2016. It is impossible to compete without failure at something, unless you compete so cautiously that you might as well not compete at all. In which case you fail by not trying your best effort.

Why talk about my failure?

It hurt so much to fail at that level but it was also good to learn from it and move on like it never happened. I have failed and got knocked down many times in life, and I can’t say that I particularly enjoy the feeling, But failure teaches you lessons and makes you a better athlete, competitor, and person.

Womens Powerlifting Championship - Placements

How I came back stronger from my failure?

There are so many ways to come back from failure and missing lifts. Some of us can come back from it very easily, while others not. Understanding what will help you overcome it is the key. When I bombed out of deadlift I was very angry and sad, I’m not going to lie it wasn’t my first time failing. When you are failing not just a lift but an international meet it hurts. In fact, it cuts deep like a razor, slicing it way to my inner core. Yes that is how I felt for a few days and it’s necessary. I felt like I failed my coach, my teammates and my sponsors who believe in me. But I left those failure that day I left Texas. I let it go.


Create a massive action plan to success!

When I got home from Texas. I sit down with my coach and talked about what we can improves and make some changes with my deadlift. I was very hungry to improve and be a better lifter than I was. I set goals and told myself that I will do what it take to achieve those goals. I set goals that I know I can achieve. I was in no rush to get them but they are very important for me to get them. I have a rule for myself when setting goals and making action plan is don’t compare myself to other of my competitor and sets reasonable goals.

The power of belief!

When you believe in yourself and your coach, there are very few limits to success. When it came down to competing I have no fear of the weight or anything else, fear can close the door on peak performance and lock you in to slump. However, fears are more often related to mental wounds than physical – fear of failing, making mistakes, letting your team down or people who support and believe in you – and therefore require different strategies to overcome the fear!

 Women's Powerlifting Competition - Placements

Today I want to share my experience on how I approach competition, as an athlete I am limited most by what I believe is possible. If I don’t really believe in myself and my coach then I’ll enter competition entertaining what if and expecting failure. Unfortunately, these worries and negative expectations can shape your performance. To bust that negative, you must learn to fight those feelings. Mental toughness is not something someone can teach you or give it to you. You must dig it inside you. Find a reason to hold on to it. Every time I get nervous before meet I pinch myself and told myself it just a lifts you’ve done this so many time, It your time now to show it to the world who’s the BOSS.

Maria is currently Canadian female Open 57,63kg national record holder and 2015 IPF Worlds Bronze medallist at 57kg.She is also 2015 Commonwealth Champion in 57kg, Ranking top three in the IPF Classic division all time with 541 wilks.