SBD Sport Socks - Navy Blue & Yellow LIMITED EDITION (ONLY SMALL LEFT)

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Once we are sold out of this item we won't be restocking as it has finished its production run!

SBD Sport Socks are a final sale and cannot be returned.

The Navy Blue & Yellow SBD Apparel Limited Edition products launched in June 2018 and will only be available for a short production run. 

-Premium sports socks featuring the SBD logo and signature red stripe, for general training (will not come up to your knees - if that is what you're looking for, take a look at the SBD Deadlift socks).

-Manufactured exclusively in Great Britain. 


Shoe Size

Shoe Size 
Small <5 <38
Medium 4-8 37-42
Large 7-11 41-46
XLarge >10 >45
Please note that Sport Socks are for general training and do not cover the shin like SBD Deadlift Socks.


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