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SBD 13mm Lever Belt

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Purchased this belt in March of 2022 so I had it for about four months now and love it. I’ve lost about 25 pounds since then so the belt is getting too big and have to get a size down. The belt has minor scuffs as you will see in the photos and parts of the suede inside the belt has darkened a little but overall the belt is in very good condition. I’ve used the belt for squats and deadlifts which is done twice a week since purchased so the belt has some moderate usage.

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Our SBD Belt inventory is very depleted right now.  We have many belts on order, with shipments arriving every 1-2 weeks, but these shipments are often selling out the same day they arrive in some sizes.  If you're interested in a belt, the best thing to do is order it now if it happens to be in stock, or sign up for a notification by selecting the size you'd like below, and then clicking on 'Notify Me When Available' and inputting your contact details there.  Once the belt you sign up for is in stock, you'll get notified by email or text (these are sent out to the oldest notifications first and gives those people an hour before the next batch of notifications are sent if the belt is still in stock), and then we suggest getting back to our site as soon as you can to place the order as they have been selling out so fast!  If you happen to miss the size you need and they're sold out again, just keep repeating this process and you'll eventually be able to grab one!


"The belt is amazing, I’m already smashing PR’s ! Also, the shipping was so fast !" -Tommy P.

"Best belt I have used overall."-Byron O.


This is the best belt in lifting. Worn by amateurs and pros; by powerlifters, strongmen/strongwomen, and those training to be the best they can be. This will be the last belt you ever want. It has been meticulously designed, engineered, and manufactured to be of the highest quality. Entirely made in Great Britain, from local leather to being carefully inspected before being wrapped and packaged for transport. You won't be disappointed.

Featuring a patented gliding lever, providing the adjustability of a prong belt with the ease and tightness of a lever belt. Ideal for sizing up or down whenever you need during training sessions and competitions.

Designed through collaboration with world class athletes, coaches, and health professionals.


  • IPF Approved with the maximum 13mm thickness & 10cm in width.
  • Black oiled leather finish with a red suede interior.
  • English hide prepared over 5 months for strength & longevity.
  • Manufactured exclusively in Great Britain.


Watch our video on how to choose the correct size.


Care Instructions

To ensure the outer face of the leather and the stitching retain their original appearance, we would recommend using a regular black shoe polish once every 1-3 months. Polish directly onto the leather and then buff to a shiny finish.

Avoid dropping or throwing the belt, as this can cause damage to the belt buckle.

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