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Sabo Powerlift - Black

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We all know that a solid base is the key to any successful lift. Are you tired of having an unstable base of support from your running shoes? The Sabo Powerlifts might be what you want! These shoes have a .75” solid heel which will make you feel much more stable compared to the average trainer, and the extra heel height can help to increase your ankle dorsiflexion during squat movements to make it easier to get to depth. They can also be a great shoe for any overhead pressing movements, as having a stable platform to press from can increase the amount of weight you’ll be able to lift! Stop lifting on a bosu ball shoe and start lifting on something stable today!

SABO Powerlift has been redesigned with the following features: 

  • New strong straps.
  • New metal eyelets.
  • Holds the foot tighter and also is a bit lighter than before.
  • The loop in the heel to ease getting the shoes on.

Main Features

  • High-technology non-marking outsole with SPP system.  Features a supporting board and hard heel insert.
  • Comfortable anatomical cast was created based on anthropometric data of athletes.
  • Original upper construction is made of combination synthetic fabrics and breathable mesh.  It has two multidirectional belts that holds your feet tight for extra stability.
  • 0.75" heel height.


  • The outsole has a flexible toe part and the hard heel with the solid insert at the same time for better support. 
  • Modern upper construction lets you hold and fixate your feet.
  • The cast of the shoe is created exactly for weightlifting athletes and has a proper volume.
  • Materials and construction of the outsole are carefully designed for proper weight distribution and help all the shoes work effectively. 


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