Bull Squat/Bench Combo Rack

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This product requires freight shipping. Please contact us if interested in purchasing a combo rack and we can provide you with a freight quote.  Bull combo racks are not eligible for shipping promotions.

The Bull Squat/Bench combo rack is fully IPF approved and has been used in International competitions around the world. The rack has some of the best features we've seen, including:

  • Bench safeties that wrap around the upright to ensure there are no gaps that the bar can get between.
  • Bench safeties that have an inclined portion close to the face, this allows you to set the safety lower to reduce risk of hitting it while benching but still providing ample face protection. 
  • Plastic bar rollers to protect your barbell from smoothing and damage.
  • Three points of contact under the head of the bench to ensure an extra stable setup for those very heavy benches. 
  • Bench that attaches to the rack from the front so you don't need to twist and turn the bench to get it in place.
  • 20mm height adjustments.
  • Squat height adjustment from 1.08m to 1.73m
  • Bench height adjustment from .74m to 1.39m

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