SBD Apparel Socks SBD Deadlift Socks - Black & Red

SBD Deadlift Socks - Black & Red

  • $21.00

SBD Deadlift Socks are a final sale and cannot be returned.

-Premium long socks featuring the SBD logo and signature red stripe

-Custom sock designed to cover the shin without a turnover

-Manufactured with a tight knit from a durable synthetic fibre, to protect the shins while minimising any catching on the bar

-Breathable construction with venting in the foot

-Suitable for training and competition use

-Manufactured exclusively in Great Britain


Size Shoe Size
Shoe Size
Shin Length*
Small <5 <38 <40
Medium 4-8 37-42 35-45
Large 7-11 41-46 40-50
XLarge >10 >45 >45
*measure from the floor to the top of the shin (deduct 10cm if wearing knee sleeves on the deadlift)

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