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Climb Your Hill T-Shirt

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This shirt has been heavily requested so we finally had to make it. Based on a Facebook post by Ryan Stinn that you can read below: 

"I think one of the saddest things to see is lifters with amazing potential disappear. This happens for a number of reasons for sure but one of the worst, in my opinion, is that they finally hit opposition and can't handle it. 
Everyone who's lifted remembers what it was like to make 30,40,80kg jumps on their total every meet. Most, I would guess, remember the first meet when they totalled less than their last meet. That is the turning point, that is the hill. Some people get to run on flat ground longer and make good progress but at some point you hit your hill. 
You decide if you gut down and climb it or turn around and go home. Me? I'll be out climbing my hill or planning how to climb it faster or more efficiently. I know I'll slip and slide back at times and I know that I'll dig in and push my way back up. The view from the top is worth it I hear."