SBD Deadlift Socks - Black & Red


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SBD Deadlift Socks are a final sale and cannot be returned.

-Premium long socks featuring the SBD logo and signature red stripe

-Custom sock designed to cover the shin without a turnover

-Manufactured with a tight knit from a durable synthetic fibre, to protect the shins while minimising any catching on the bar

-Breathable construction with venting in the foot

-Suitable for training and competition use

-Manufactured exclusively in Great Britain


Size Shoe Size
Shoe Size
Shin Length*
Small <5 <38 <40
Medium 4-8 37-42 35-45
Large 7-11 41-46 40-50
XLarge >10 >45 >45
*measure from the floor to the top of the shin (deduct 10cm if wearing knee sleeves on the deadlift)

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Jamie D.

Just got them

They seem to be well made, haven’t had any others to compare it to though. Sizing seems to be off quite a bit, but that could be my lack of experience. Would recommend going down a size from what the chart says.

Lonnie Deline

They are soft

Quality seems fairly well. Price is reasonable. I should have went one size smaller the size chart is accurate but I went up a size for length, once I tried them on I was unable to exchange them. The socks are soft and comfortable otherwise.

Robb Pattison

Amazing socks!

I know, you think these are just long socks... we you'd be wrong! The fit of these is unlike any other spot sock I have ever owned. I Deadlift 3-4 times a week and these are always on my feet, providing the base level support I expect and protecting my shins from the bar. I've had them for coming up on a year now and both pairs get worn and washed multiple times weekly and are still going strong. The one drawback is the material they are made of will "stick" to other items in the dryer cycle. Commonly I will find lint/hair/dryer sheets attached to the socks and will need to remove it.

Mava Audrey Brydges

Nice comfortable socks.

Very nice looking and feeling socks. Fit well and feel great.


SBD in name only

My pair of SBD deadlift socks tore pretty fast. Holes begat more holes, which in turn became bigger holes. I only got to use them in one meet before they were done. They're essentially soccer socks with SBD stitching on them. Deadlifts tend to ruin any sock, though, so save these for competitions if you want to be on your matching attire game and use cheap socks for training.