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Athlete Articles

  • University Powerlifting

    University Powerlifting

    by Jackson Spencer Powerlifting is growing on university and college campuses across Canada. More schools are sporting powerlifting clubs and at least in Ontario, there are several college/university meets held each year. At the forefront of this development is Ravens...

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  • Ups and Downs of Powerlifting

    Ups and Downs of Powerlifting

    by Kelly Branton   Powerlifting is an emotional roller coaster that very few can stay at a high level for a long period of time and not quit. If you’re someone like me that has pretty much turned their life...

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  • Setting Goals

    Setting Goals

    by Erik Willis Setting quantitative goals is a very important part of going to the gym. You are able to actually measure your progress if you make these kinds of goals (and track them). For example, your goal is to...

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  • Why Powerlifting?

    Why Powerlifting?

    For me it all started the day I walked into W-95, which was where the University of Alberta Powerlifting Association (UAPA) was born. I remember I was a first year university student, taking my first look at what would be...

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  • Strong Enough

    Strong Enough

    by Joanna Rieber STRONG ENOUGH Many of you know me as a 52kg CPU/IPF lifter. Some of you know me as a mom and as a physician. Not many of you know my history with food and eating disorders. Now...

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  • Pre-Meet Week

    Pre-Meet Week

    by Maria Htee   Hey Hey  #powerliftinggang   I’d like to talk about how I prepare during the week leading into a meet. You and I are two very different people, this might work well for me but might not...

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