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by Vicky Taylor-Hood “Are you training today?”“Yeah, just waiting for the tide to go out so I can deadlift. Platform is still submerged.”We have a cabin on an island in a large bay in Newfoundland. My ancestors come from Exploits Islands, but no one lives there year-round anymore. It’s a summer community now, of cottages and homes; the community of Exploits Islands was officially resettled beginning in 1965. This means that families were paid on average of $1000 to move to a mainland town because the government didn’t want to continue to pay for services to so many isolated locations....

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by Vicky Taylor-Hood The past year of training has been a bit of a roller coaster mentally, emotionally, and physically. Every year I write myself some goals as a sort of a fresh look at a new year. I make some that are a real stretch, some that are perfectly challenging but reasonable if all things are on track 80% of the time, and some that are my baselines, things that I should be able to do simply by chugging along consistently with decent effort day-in and day-out. I’ve gotten used to hitting all the baselines, most of the moderate...

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