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by Mark Wasson Failing a lift is something that many think is almost taboo in training. People thinkthat is in some way an indication that you have or are doing something wrong. I takean alternative approach to the concept. I do not strive for failure but missing a lift intraining does not deter my motivation or sway my course. Training to me is fun. I want to challenge myself and learn from each trainingsession. I understand for my approach to training that failure will just be anotherpart of training. I learn through failure and ultimately feel that it is beneficial....

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by Mark Wasson Humility is defined as a modest or low view of one's own importance. To me, I personally define humility as an understanding there is always room for improvement and to never think something is good enough. #neversatisfiedteam Personally, I enjoy training more than competing. This is evident by my usual 4 for 9 or 5 for 9, if I'm lucky, attempt days at a meet. I often leave my best attempts in the gym rather than on the platform, and I've come to accept that, aiming for around 95% of my best gym lifts on meet day....

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