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Athlete Articles

  • Tips for Powering Through Fatigue

    Tips for Powering Through Fatigue

    by Stef Kean Having a baby changed everything. Her routines became my routines, which so far are erratic, amusing and sleepless (but oh so amazing!).  Operating on no sleep is hard, training on no sleep is hard; for me it would...

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  • Are You Ready For Your First Meet?

    Are You Ready For Your First Meet?

    by Ryan Stinn   I get the question "when will I be ready for my first powerlifting meet?" all the time. Everyone is nervous to do their first meet and put themselves out in front of other people in the...

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  • Why You Should Use a Mouthpiece When Lifting

    Why You Should Use a Mouthpiece When Lifting

    by Ryan Stinn I've been using a mouthpiece for over three years now, which isn't a long time considering I've been competitively lifting for 14 years. Originally I noticed that I was under biting when setting up for bench press,...

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  • Putting the “Power” in Powerlifting

    Putting the “Power” in Powerlifting

    A Squatting Scholar seeking to understand the strength of the sport within the humanitarian community. by Nicola Paviglianiti (this blog was originally posted on the Lift 4 Life website) Zimbabwe community center gyms. Lift4Life powerlifting. A little Canadian lifter taking...

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  • Powerlifting in Nauru

    Powerlifting in Nauru

    By Erik Willis It all started early December when I received a message from former 105KG Squat World Record holder Bronco Deiranauw. He told me that I was being invited to compete in Nauru and airfare and accommodations were to...

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  • Challenge Your Biases

    Challenge Your Biases

    by Clifton Pho  I’m not a junior anymore… dam time flies by fast. It’s been almost 6 years since I’ve started my powerlifting journey and now I find myself at the end of my junior career. It still feels like...

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