Pre-Meet Week

by Rhaea Stinn

by Maria Htee


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I’d like to talk about how I prepare during the week leading into a meet. You and I are two very different people, this might work well for me but might not for you. But here it is, you’ll have to read my entire blog to get to know me!


What is my prep before competition?


Step one: Have faith and believe in myself

I can’t go into competition without believing in myself. The work is done. The worst part of the storm is over. Getting here wasn’t easy, but all you are remembered for is your work on the platform. I just got to believe that I’m going to make it happen!

Step two: Smile

I am not going to lie, the hardest part of my training is deload week. My body is extremely tired from all the training, but I still have to do the taper workouts. For me the worst part is when I’m cutting. I get grumpy. So, I put on good song during training and put on the biggest smile on my face….Guess what happened next? The weights start feeling lighter in my hands and on my back. A positive attitude is key.

Step three: Get fresh

I always get my hair and nail fresh up before comp. I know it has nothing to do with my lifting but I mean if I look good and feel good everything else comes together even the ‘KG’ ;)

Step four: Have a routine and stick to it

Ever notice how Usain Bolt always has signature warm ups and last-minute movements before a race?

I’m making a plan in my head for how it’s going down on meet day. I know the bars and the weight that I want to hit and I keeping running and visualizing them in my head over and over. My father always told me when I was young “If you are going to be a bear, be a Grizzly”

But remember have fun.

Female Powerlifter at Competition

Step five: Meet day nerves  

My heart rate is important to control the morning of the meet, keeping me focused and positive. I focus on the meet and sticking to the game plan. I try not to focus on the numbers of other competitors. I always try to have fun the day of the meet. Because if you are not having fun then you should switch sports.


Thank you for reading

You guys are cool…..and oh don’t forget to check out the new SBD belt, it is awesome. 

Have an awesome day, Lift big xoxo